Remember Me?

It’s been a year or so since I’ve posted here, but it’s still a popular spot for folks who enjoy reading about music and nostalgia, so I thought I’d let everyone know that I’ve added a new list of recently deceased stars that have earlier been featured on the GMC. You might have already noticed … More Remember Me?


Surprise! I’m stopping by for a visit because I have something to announce — my new e-book! Now you can see what I’ve been doing with myself since I stopped actively blogging a while back. It’s a project I’ve actually been working on for a long time, but I’ve now had the time to finish … More SURPRISE!

Frankie Randall Had A Helping Hand From Sinatra

Way back in 2007 I put together a post titled The Quintessential Italian Crooner, in which I wrote about some of the better-known Italian/American smoothies. But even though I didn’t intend that post to be all-inclusive and have written about quite a few more since then, it’s still surprising how many others remain. One who … More Frankie Randall Had A Helping Hand From Sinatra