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Posted August 11, 2006 by BG

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  1. Enjoy your site. Especially the references to Glen Gray. In the erecordings he did in the ’40s h (for Decca) he featured Eugenie Baird as vocalist. I thought her voice was terific! Also got an album of early Glen Gray recordings. See my comments on Nat Cole’s
    album on Ballads, Boogie and Blues (Google Groups). Brian

  2. I was trolling through the Blogs and enjoyed the visit. Nice informative site! I have added you to our directory at Oldieslist. Keep on Rockin’!

  3. I ws just notified two days ago, by my friend, CJ Landry, that Tommy Newsom has died. He was a great guy, and a damn fine arranger and musician.

  4. I was sent a link to the Geezer Music Club and really enjoyed the Marty Robbins post. As everyone here is such a big music fan, I’d like to extend an invitation to listen to my radio show, Treasure Island Oldies, which on May 6, 2007 celebrated its 10th Anniversary of providing a weekly four hour oldies online radio show to listeners all around the world.

    I would be very pleased to have you listen to either the live four hour show every Sunday from 6 to 10 p.m. or the Archived show at any time. We also have a fun chat room with friends and would welcome new folks to join in as well.

    Please come have a visit to my site at You’ll hear songs you haven’t heard in years.

    All the best.
    Michael Godin
    Treasure Island Oldies
    Since 1997 – The Home of Lost Treasures

  5. Hi,
    I like this website, I’m a senior and love music, I aso play the fiddle wi†h the Old Time Fiddlers Of Bristo, CT.

  6. I have been listening to country, pop, and rock’n’roll since we got electricity on the farm in 1948.

  7. If you would like to hear the first British Rock record ever recorded go to Youtube and type
    Rock Rock Rock Lee Young — Recorded in December 1953 — Lee is alive and well aand living in Australia — the recording has been re – released — Look forward to your comments David Haley

  8. The great New Orleans drummer, Earl Palmer, has died. He is quoted as saying “I invented this shit”, when asked if he could play with a certain group.

  9. Great reviews. I like your style. Such writers are rare!

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog and thought that you may enjoy our Sonic Boomers site ( as we’re also trying to speak to Boomers about the music they love. Check it out!

  11. Nice Articles… keep up the great work

    Bobby Abrams Guitarist and Vocalist

  12. Johnny, I have been looking for an old song for years that I used to hear back home in Jacksonville Florida. The song was sung by Eddy Arnold and I am pretty sure the name was “I’m The South” . The lyric were poetic but ther was a central theme around “well shut my mouth, I’m the South” .

    Have you any recall of it, or have any suggestions as to where I might go to find it?

  13. Are you familiar with “The Scandinavian Years” CD by the Sir Douglas Quintet? A friend is in Norway at present and is looking for it. Train From Trondheim” is just a good 3 chord country song. The Texas Tornados are playing in Minneapolis in September, We have tickets.

  14. Nope, but it sounds intriguing.

    Have fun with the Texas Tornadoes, you lucky dog.


  16. Yes you are subscribed, Marcia. Thanks for the kind words.

  17. Not sure why but your Dave Dudley & BelAir’s tunes wont download

  18. For some reason, the file host has been erratic lately. I’ll look into it.

  19. where are posts from last few days? ck’ed on song, the first kiss.

  20. has anyone found the name and artist of song 1958,its easy to remember the first kiss that you gave me, a kiss meant for me only that’s why i remember????? would be willing to pay $50 to get this recording.

  21. Don’t know, Loyd – maybe someone will write in with a clue for you to find it.

  22. How about profiling Monica Lewis, who’s still with us at 92 and is in the new film “Showfolk”?

  23. Good idea, Alan. I’ll make a note to look into it.

  24. Lou has been inducted into the Goldmine Magazine ( Hall of Fame.
    Induction story at
    Complete list of inductees at

  25. I have been going through old boxes in the attic – letting go of old, no-longer-used stuff [which my wife affectionately refers to as ‘junk’]. It’s been a long, long process as almost every item has memories and sentimental value attached to it. But – it’s either me doing it now – one item at a time – or my children doing it one box at a time.

    In the process, I came across a small trove of old vinyl. I thought I had already dealt with all the records of my past – but, for some reason, there were these few. Among them is one titled “The Solid Gold Harmonica”. It features Ron Kalina with Al Stauffer. It was pressed by the Malvern Music Company of Malvern, PA under the Malvern Records label. I recall buying it back in the ’60s. I checked everyplace I could on-line and have found no information about it.

    Does any Geezer have suggestions about what I can do with it? It is in Near Mint condition.

  26. Connie Hall.
    I’ve been well into her music,but during the second war are Factories where bombed .
    So you couldn’t get LPs or anything at all,or radio country music,where all of you could.
    Well I’m a family friend since 1956 of Mrs.Jim Reeves.Who died a terrible death.Mary,I’ve been over with my wife to meet her 1986/87 36 we where close friends .and 24 years friends with Miss Kitty Wells,23 years With ,
    Hilda Hensley ( Patsy Clines Mom) she phoned me 1998’she died 99. I know the reason.
    It would take far to long to tell you.who you know and worked with,so have I,as a promoter in zcountry.
    I want you to get in touch when you can,as I’ll give you Free Radio Air Play,here in Liverpool ,UK and the world.
    If you’d like to contact me I’ll get back on,Sunday .as it’s starting to get late in England ,Saturday night –
    21: 06.
    Country Music,
    Promoter UK GB

  27. Looking for the Jerry Vale song that was cut from the movie Casino, can you help?

  28. Not sure if this is what you mean, Dot, but “Love Me The Way I Love You” was apparently in the movie but was cut from the soundtrack recording. Is that the one you mean?

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