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Diamonds In The Rough – Part V   Leave a comment

The first four editions of our Diamonds In The Rough feature have made their appearance about one month apart, so this time around I guess we’re running behind that uncutschedule — but the purpose of the post is still the same. Below is a list of noteworthy efforts from the past that you might find worth a look. (Or a second look, if you’re a long-time regular at the GMC.)

As always, I’ve tried to pick out some that not only include nostalgia but a touch of humor, and hopefully some good info too.


diacdDiamonds – “Little Darlin”


Whippoorwills And Whippersnappers

Mysterious Musical Occurrences

Rebel Without A Clue

Reality vs The Waltons

From Poolrooms To Bandstands – Remembering Fats

Another Appearance From Mr. O

The Longest Walk Of My Life

Speaking Up In Defense Of Cooties

The Winky-Dink Revolution

Not Every Clover Brings Good Luck


Diamonds In The Rough – Part IV   2 comments

diamondBelieve it or not, it’s been a month since we had a new edition of Diamonds In The Rough, the Special Feature that gives me the chance to offer up some of my favorite posts from the past.

The articles that make it to the list are steeped in nostalgia and humor and usually have a musical theme, but even though they occasionally mention a particular performer they are not the usual biographical pieces we so often do. (You can find those by just putting a performer’s name in the ‘search’ box.)

I hope you’ll take a look at some of these — or a second look, if you’re a regular visitor to the GMC. You just might find something you like.

jdcdJohn Denver – “Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)”


Swimming To Catalina With The Four Preps

Remember The Music — Not The Tragedy

Bing Crosby Gets A Mulligan

The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Uncle John And The Deep-Freeze

Just A Travelin’ Man

Summertime — And The Junebugs Are Buzzin’

Taxi Drivers Have Feelings Too

The Grinch Makes A Rare Summer Appearance

Musical Memories Of — Snakes?

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roughdiaOnce again, I’m offering up a handful of choice goodies for an edition of our newest Special Feature, Diamonds In The Rough. It’s my not-so humble attempt to showcase some of the GMC’s noteworthy posts from the early days. (Noteworthy being defined as the ones I like.)

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m slowly working my way back from the oldest posts. We’re now up to early 2008, so we’ve got plenty more to dig up and expose to the light of day. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

diacdKarl Jenkins & Adiemus – “Palladio 1st Movement from Diamond Music” 


The Little Rascals And A Shot At Movie Stardom

Turkey, Trimmings — And Straw?

Hank Williams And The Hunt For The Elusive Sassafras

Brainwashed(?) By Radio Moscow

Sleepin’ In The Country

Transistors, Rock & Roll, And — Polkas?

Dodging The Doofus Preceded Dancing With The Stars

Cuttin’ Wax In Post-War Motown

Adventures In Radio — 1960’s Style

In Search Of Singing Cowboys

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diamond2I thought it might be time for the 2nd edition of our newest special feature, Diamonds In The Rough. You might recall that its purpose is to present a list of interesting older posts that you might have missed, and rescue them from fading sadly into the mists. I hope you’ll find them entertaining because they’re some of my favorites.

First some appropriate music, and below that the latest list of Diamonds In The Rough.

cfcdCarter Family – “Diamonds In The Rough”


Silly Songs – From Edison To Weird Al

Ozzie And Harriet – Ricky And Me

Summer Camp – Exciting, Enriching And Embarrassing

Tinkering With Tubes Leads To Adventures In Paradise

Remembering The Music Of The Cotton Club

Close Encounters Of The Celebrity Kind

Ridin’ The Rails To Detroit City

Mouth-Harps — From Lincoln To Dylan And Beyond

Dick Haymes – The Forgotten Crooner

Eddie Fisher And The Ladies

Diamonds In The Rough – Part I   Leave a comment

AG00381_I guess I might be tooting my own horn, but today I’m introducing a new Special Feature that’s sort of dependent on my opinion of myself — or at least of my writing ability. Let me explain. I’ve been doing this for over 7 years and there are more than 1300 individual articles, and I got to thinking about something. How in the world would a new visitor — or even a regular for that matter — find some of the better pieces? You can always do a search for specific performers or subjects, and I’d like to think that all the posts are pretty good in one way or the other, but what if you just want to find a more expansive article that’s informative, interesting, and probably chock full of juicy nostalgia?

Sounds to me like a good opportunity for a new Special Feature, one I’m going to call Diamonds In The Rough — posts that might deserve a second look. They’re not necessarily the most popular (although some are) or those with the most comments, but I think you’ll find that they are a little special, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them.

Below is the first bunch. More will follow from time to time — after all, Diamonds In The Rough is now a special feature!

sbdcdShirley Bassey – “Diamonds Are Forever”

—————— Diamonds In The Rough —————

Pokeweed: A Southern Staple That Inspired a Classic Blues Song

Was Benny Goodman A Doppelganger?

From Sinatra To Rod Stewart – The Crooner Conundrum

From Billie Holiday To Doris Day – The Songbirds

Brothers Who Swing — Musically

Graveyards, Outhouses And Musical Memories

Who Was The Real All-American Boy? Elvis, Bobby Bare, Or…

Warming Up To Hank Snow On The Philco

Did Rock & Roll Kill Your Hit Parade?

Dinner With Clint Eastwood – Music By Frankie Laine