The Bobbettes And Mr. Lee Redux   10 comments

In some ways, the girl group known as the Bobbettes was a typical one-hit wonder. (Although you might remember that I argued a while back that the term shouldn’t be used so negatively.) The Bobbettes did qualify for the sobriquet, with 1957’s “Mr. Lee” hitting #1 on R&B charts and even climbing into the Top Ten on pop charts, although later records all fell far short. But that’s still pretty good, when you consider that the group’s lead singer was only eleven when it all started.bob

That was young Reather Dixon, who joined with school friends and fellow glee club members Laura Webb, Helen Gathers, and sisters Jannie and Emma Pought to form a singing group they initially called the Harlem Queens. The girls were soon appearing in amateur shows at the Apollo Theater, making a big splash and attracting the attention of James Dailey, who helped get them a contract with Atlantic Records.

Daily also changed the group’s name to the Bobbettes to soften its image a little, and helped produce its debut record. It was a harmless little song about a teacher who the girls actually disliked, but in the song, “Mr. Lee” was made to sound good. (They later recorded a more accurate – and critical – version they named “I Shot Mr. Lee,” but it became one of the reasons they left Atlantic after the company balked at issuing it.) After “Mr. Lee” became a huge hit they were big-time stars, even touring with the likes of Clyde McPhatter, Frankie Lymon, and Dion & The Belmonts.

Over the next several years the Bobbettes did sell some records with songs like “Have Mercy Baby,” “I Don’t Like It Like That,” and a few others, and the girls certainly kept spinning out new releases. But they never again approached the popularity of “Mr. Lee,” and by the late 1960s had begun to evolve into a smaller group, sometimes singing background for others. By the 1970s the original Bobbettes had dissolved, although various members have reunited from time to time through the years for oldies shows.

bobcdThe Bobbettes – “I Shot Mr. Lee”


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  1. I am aware of George Goldner and End Records and appreciated the two songs released on End by The Bobbettes. Sometime I would love to see what GMC (You!) could do with a synopsis of the company between the late 50’s and early 60’s with the likes of Little Anthony & The Imperials, The Dubs, The Channels, The Chantels, The Cleftones and many more. Whomever was producing the music was great at it. The labels would be End, Gone & Rama. Hope you’re doing well BG.

  2. Appreciate the vote of confidence, but untangling all the intrigues surrounding record companies is way beyond my ability. That’s one reason I tend to gloss over most of it in my posts — that, and the fact that sources so often vary. Maybe someone else will see your suggestion and run with it, but I’d have to pass.

    As always, thanks for writing…

  3. Great to be reminded of the Bobettes. So much charm! You’re right about the value of one hit wonders – a couple celebrated on the latest post of the immortal jukebox. Regards thom

  4. Thanks, Thom. (Note to others, you can find Thom’s excellent blog by clicking on his name above or ‘Immortal Jukebox’ in the left column.)

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  6. Hi I must say what great great and wonderful member’s in your fan club!! regard’s to the legendary bobbett’s they are in my memories forever !! I tell all my friend’s here in sunny spain about your fan club!.best wishes to all working on my lewis lymon story !! But by I keep crying my heart is so full year’s . Big hug’s to you george goldner’s favourite niece toni ventura x

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