Diamonds In The Rough – Part II

diamond2I thought it might be time for the 2nd edition of our newest special feature, Diamonds In The Rough. You might recall that its purpose is to present a list of interesting older posts that you might have missed, and rescue them from fading sadly into the mists. I hope you’ll find them entertaining because they’re some of my favorites.

First some appropriate music, and below that the latest list of Diamonds In The Rough.

cfcdCarter Family – “Diamonds In The Rough”


Silly Songs – From Edison To Weird Al

Ozzie And Harriet – Ricky And Me

Summer Camp – Exciting, Enriching And Embarrassing

Tinkering With Tubes Leads To Adventures In Paradise

Remembering The Music Of The Cotton Club

Close Encounters Of The Celebrity Kind

Ridin’ The Rails To Detroit City

Mouth-Harps — From Lincoln To Dylan And Beyond

Dick Haymes – The Forgotten Crooner

Eddie Fisher And The Ladies


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