Terrifying Train Trestles

Although we don’t travel as much as we used to, Mrs. BG and I have taken a few train trips through the years. I’ve been a train buff for a long time and even though she’s not the fan as I am, I think she’s enjoyed most aspects of our trips.

But there is one thing she doesn’t like. She cringes whenever our train passes over a trestle, especially a high, scary one. I can understand that, but it’s funny that you never hear of a problem with a train trestle, while street or highway bridges over rivers seem to collapse fairly often. Of course, she’s not crazy about those either. (And come to think of it, neither am I).

Alabama – “Ride The Train”

In the mosaic below, you can click on any picture to start a manual slideshow of larger pictures. (To return to this page from the slideshow, click anywhere in the black background.)


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