Slim Whitman Passes On   2 comments

Earlier this year, in a post titled Slim Whitman Is Amazing, I slim2spotlighted the long and varied career of the iconic country music star. It has now been reported that he has died at age 90 in Florida, apparently of natural causes.

I’ve reactivated the song link on that earlier post, and have also replaced the video, which had been deactivated at its source. (There are also a couple of good video songs in the comments section below the post).

And finally, I’ve also included a new song link and another video below.

RIP Ottis Dewey ‘Slim’ Whitman, Jr.

Slim Whitman – “Twilight On The Trail”


2 responses to “Slim Whitman Passes On

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  1. It’s not surprising that musicians our generation know and love are dying off, but it’s a real shame. I expected them to go on forever.
    My first memory of Slim is China Doll from the fifties. I still love that song.

  2. You are so right, Peter.
    (Those who’d like to listen to “China Doll” can play the video that is in the comments at the bottom of Slim Whitman Is Amazing

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