Jimmie Logsdon Venerated Hank Williams

For a while in the early 1950s, singer/songwriter Jimmie Logsdon was on top of the world. After an early career spent trying to make his name in country music, he’d managed to become friends with Hank Williams — and even better, he was touring and appearing on stage with his hero. Unfortunately, Hank died in 1953 and Logsdon had to move on, but in subsequent years he often paid homage to his mentor with songs like “The Death Of Hank Williams” and “Hank Williams Sings The Blues No More.”


Growing up in rural Kentucky as the son of a minister meant that young Jimmie had plenty of exposure to music, and that included service in the church choir. By the time he was in high school he’d learned to play clarinet and guitar too, and was writing his own songs. All that musical ability came in handy during World War II, because he often performed for his fellow servicemen.

In the post-war years Logsdon opened a small record store back in Kentucky, but kept his hand in on the performing side of things by also appearing on stage around the area. Within a few years he’d moved to Chicago, where he worked for a time as a DJ at superstation WGN before eventually returning to Kentucky, where he hosted his own radio show for a while.

When Logsdon latched on with Hank Williams in 1952 he was right where he wanted to be, but the premature death of his idol didn’t mean the end to his own career. He continued performing where and when he could, often leading a group he called the Golden Harvest Boys, at one point hosting a country music TV show. He was also a regular in the recording studio, making a lot of good honky-tonk records in addition to those that remembered Hank, but he seldom hit the charts in a big way. He eventually returned to the life of a DJ although he still performed from time to time, and he also kept busy writing a lot of good music. He was 79 when he died in 2001.

jlcdJimmie Logsdon – “I Wanna Be Mama’d”


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