Movement Can Be Fascinating

j0284167The type of media file known as an animated GIF — you know, a little picture that features repetitive simple movement — has had its ups and downs through the years. (Pun intended.)

I used to include small examples on the GMC from time to time (like the one on the left) but that type of artwork was always kind of limited, and the novelty wore off pretty quickly. On top of that, if you used too many of the things it made viewers feel like their eyeballs were dancing in time to the movement. As a result, their use declined everywhere and eventually you seldom saw them on well-maintained websites.

But apparently they’ve made a comeback in a much more impressive fashion. It seems that some very talented folks are creating amazing new pictures like the one below, and they are showing up everywhere. It’s still just an animated GIF with a repetitive movement, but it’s fascinating to watch for a while.

trashcdThe Trashmen – “On The Move”



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