Finding Smiles Amidst Nemo’s Snowdrifts

When I read that the blizzard that hit the Northeastern U.S. had been given the name ‘Nemo’ it surprised me a little. The National Weather Service says it’s just a marketing ploy from the Weather Channel and wants no part of it, but it has really caught on, and the next blizzard — Orko — is already on its way. Let’s hope they don’t expand the practice to other kinds of storms — can you imagine ‘Tornado Tony’ or ‘Thunderstorm Tessie’?

Ozark Mountain Daredevils – “Snowbound”

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3 thoughts on “Finding Smiles Amidst Nemo’s Snowdrifts

  1. Well, as I wandered out into a balmy 27 degree day (that’s Celsius, of course, about 81 in American degrees) I thought of the blizzard you’re having and I must admit to having a bit of a chuckle. Actually, I don’t think people chuckle in real life, only in books and blog comments.
    Good to hear that “The Sapphires” has made it to your neck of the woods.


  2. Luckily, the snowstorm is a long ways from my home — although it is cool here, we’re just getting a little rain — but I definitely feel the pain of those who are snowed in.
    PS So you remember the Sapphires from the movie?


  3. I do remember The Sapphires a bit from the time they were around. I didn’t ever see them – I was too much interested in such folks as Bob Dylan and The Band and such like. My musical tastes have broadened somewhat since then.


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