Memories Of Musial

While I understand that the world doesn’t revolve around baseball, most folks are probably aware that one of the true legends of the game has passed away at age 92. Stan ‘The Man’ Musial was a part of the St. Louis Cardinals for virtually his Stanentire adult life, not only as a long-time player with a staggering record of accomplishments, but also as a club official and beloved goodwill ambassador.

Regular visitors to the GMC might recall that I’m a lifelong fan of the Cards, and I think I’ve also mentioned how it all started. I can still remember sitting with my Dad on our front porch in the evenings, listening to the Cards on the radio and cheering the guys on, and it seemed like Musial was hitting a home run almost every time he batted. I can still hear Harry Caray (years before he relocated to Chicago) as he chanted,’It could be — it could be — it could be — it is! A home run!’

Historically the team has been very successful, topping the National League in all time World Series championships, and it’s had a big fan base too. In fact, in the early years — before teams were installed on the West Coast — the St. Louis club was not only the favorite of many folks in the Midwest, but all over the West and South too. But being located in a small Midwestern city meant that it didn’t draw as much national media attention, which many feel kept Musial from getting his full measure of fame. Still, he was loved by his fans and — begrudgingly — admired by those of other teams too. In fact, his nickname originated from Brooklyn Dodger fans nervously saying ‘here comes the man again’ as they watched him walking to the plate.

stancdStan Freeman Quartet – “Stan The Man”


4 thoughts on “Memories Of Musial

  1. A subject that I’m fond of too. When I was young it was the Yankees. I kept records of each and rvery game. We had a pretty good home team in those years and I remember Earl Silverthorn. He was the base stealer of record. My Dad and I went to as many games as possible. Great fun.


  2. Baseball is a very small sport here in Australia, to the point that you could almost call it non-existent. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in your country. One of those times was 1973 when I spent most of the year working in Boston. If I didn’t go out in the evening there was always TV, of course, and I found that the Red Sox seemed to be on the box whenever I turned it on. By osmosis I became a Red Sox fan. In retrospect, supporting them seems appropriate as my football team here in Oz (Footscray, aka the Western Bulldogs) has won only one premiership in its history, and that was in 1954 (the league goes back to 1896) but I’ve stuck with them through thin and thin.


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