Born To Be Wild — But On A Trike?

I couldn’t resist writing about this. I used to tease Mrs. BigGeez about how I’d like to someday buy a big fancy Harley so that her and I could travel the country. Of course, I was kidding and she knew it — but she still usually responded by threatening me with a big knife.

But a recent article in the New York Times allowed me to bring my teasing to another level. It seems that many of the hell-raising bikers from the early days are getting old, and have been forced to switch to trikes. That’s right, the former motorcycle bad boys have turned into geezers and are now riding three-wheelers. They even have a club called the Brothers of the Third Wheel.

Some of those trikes are amazing — and amazingly expensive too — but it’s also interesting to discover how many of those biking geezers have spouses who ride along with them. Hmmm. . .

(Note: you’re probably expecting Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” to show up below, but that would be too easy.)

Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli – “Runnin’ Wild”


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