John Davidson Still Doing His Thing

I thought I’d dedicate this one to my sister, who happened to mention John Davidson over coffee at a local java cafe recently. Although he was never a big singing star, Davidson was a familiar presence on TV for many years on shows like That’s Incredible and Hollywood Squares, and is still entertaining fans even now. So Sis, this one’s for you.

The son of a minister, the Pittsburgh native came up through the show business ranks as a singer and dancer in early 1960s stage shows. He soon transitioned to TV, where he began to show up on a number of variety shows and even hosted a time or two. He also found some acting parts from time to time, but kept up on the musical side of things by spending some time in the recording studio, generating a surprising number of records.

Although he became a pretty familiar sight on TV, his popularity rose even more with his service on Hollywood Squares in the late 1970s, and jumped yet again in 1980 when he began co-hosting (with Cathy Lee Crosby) the reality show, That’s Incredible.

As the years passed Davidson continued to show up regularly on TV, although less frequently as time went on. However, he found himself with renewed opportunities to appear on stage, which was a welcome return to his roots. He has continued to do so and is still a popular draw to his many fans.

John Davidson – “The Shadow Of Your Smile” 


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