Discovering Beegie Adair

I have a confession to make. I have the TV on and tuned to the cable music channels a lot, especially if I’m reading. But that’s not what my confession is about. My guilty secret is that by doing so, I often discover – or rediscover – performers who make perfect subjects for write-ups on the GMC. (What, you thought I came up with all my ideas from thin air?)

A good example is polished jazz pianist Beegie Adair, who somehow escaped my notice for a lot of years until I began to perk up and listen more closely whenever one of her records played on the music channel. I began to dig deeper and found that apparently I’m the only one who was in the dark. The talented artist has been a favorite of fans for many years, and has generated dozens of albums filled with sounds reminiscent of Roger Williams at his best.

A native of Kentucky, Beegie was a busy session pianist in Nashville as early as the 1960s, showing up in the recording studio and also providing musical accompaniment on various TV shows. She eventually worked with a staggering number of star performers, but she also began to make records under her own name in the 1980s. She has continued to do so, sometimes as part of a small group and other times backed by an orchestra, and is still performing even now.

Beegie Adair – “Skylark” 


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