Look Here If You Need A Smile   2 comments

A while back I posted a slideshow of funny, unusual sculptures. Today I thought I’d go for funny again, but the subject is goofy signs. Judging from the large number of pictures of them available on the internet, they’re pretty popular — and definitely funny. (Be sure to check the fine print at the bottom of the ‘sharp edges’ sign.)

Remember, if the slideshow is going too fast you can stop it and advance pictures at your own pace. Just mouse over it to show the stop and go buttons.

Joe Locke & Geoffrey Keezer Group – “Signing”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Posted April 22, 2012 by BG in Boomers, Jazz, Music, Nostalgia, Retirement, Seniors

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2 responses to “Look Here If You Need A Smile

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  1. Hilarious, cheers.

  2. There were so many good ones, I’ll probably do this again some day. 🙂

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