Everything’s Better With Butter

Remember when TV commercials for margarine always compared the product’s taste to ‘the high-priced spread’? I always wondered why they couldn’t just call it ‘butter’, which I would assume is a generic name that wouldn’t have had any trademark protection. Maybe by not using the word they allowed for some wiggle room, just in case someone wanted to nail them down.

If there is a point to my rambling — usually a tossup at best  — it’s simply to say that for most of us, butter is better. I know it was for my country grandmother, who wouldn’t have allowed margarine in her kitchen. I can still remember huge bowls of creamy mashed potatoes with a big gob of butter melting on top, or giant baked yeast rolls, tops glistening with butter. And don’t get me started on hot ears of corn and how we’d gnaw the kernels off the cob while the butter ran down our faces.

I guess butter has been on my mind lately because I just featured the music of Hot Butter in a recent post, but I also happened to run across a series of pictures that I thought would be perfect for another of my series of slideshows featuring unusual sculptures. Butter has so-o-o many uses.

Boney James – “Butter”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Better With Butter

  1. I love the butter figures. When I was a kid we made our own butter. Dad loved the buttermilk. Still its the best on or off a slice of bread.


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