Got Those Highway 40 Blues   2 comments

Short and simple today. I’m still recovering from a little adventure I had on U.S. Highway 40.

I was driving back from a visit with my daughter, who lives almost two hours away, and I was still a half-hour from home when I developed car problems. Her and I had gone to a late movie, so it was almost midnight by then — much later than I would usually be coming back. I normally enjoy the drive on U.S. 40, which is one of those iconic roads with a colorful history, but it is almost empty at that time of night.

The first thing I did was call Mrs. Big Geez so she wouldn’t worry. After all, I had a cell phone and a nationwide road service card so I was all set, right? I then called the road service and found out that they had only one towing service in that area, and the guy wasn’t available until the next day. (I’m convinced he just didn’t want to go out that late.)

The operator was very nice but that didn’t do me much good. She did finally tell me that if I found a tow service myself, I could later submit the bill to them for remimbursement. Luckily, and with a lot of help from Mrs. Big Geez at home looking up numbers, we were able to find another service. After a long ride into town with the tow truck driver, then dropping the car at my mechanic’s, and then a long and expensive taxi ride home, I came dragging in.

Needless to say, once I get the reimbursement (hopefully that will happen) I think I’ll look for an upgrade to my road service provider.

Ricky Skaggs – “Highway 40 Blues”


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2 responses to “Got Those Highway 40 Blues

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  1. Oh, the worst! Thank God you at least had a phone–what did we do before cellphones? Oh, right, I know: we left the car unattended on the road and trudged on foot in search of a phone booth.

    Sorry for the ordeal and I’m glad you’re no worse for the wear.

  2. You’re right, Ralph. My cellphone is just a little basic model, but it is so much better than how things used to be.

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